How to Choose Panty for Yoga

Choosing wrong panty for Yoga can end up in embarassing moments that involve Visible Panty Line (VPL). Anxiety and uncomfortable feeling may also struck due to excessive sweat, restricted movement and unexpected wedgies. Here are solutions to avoid your worries above

Visible Panty Line (VPL) : Choose seamless and no hem panty
Seamless panty is a type of panty that does not have thread seam finishing along its edges. Whithout seam, the panty edges are clean from thick seam that might be exposed on tight Yoga pants. Go further with selecting No Hem seamless to double your insurance against VPL.

Sweat: Choose panty made with fabric that repel moist
Systhetic fiber such as nylon, combined with advanced weaving technique result in superior moist-wicking and fabric "breathing" capability. In Nylon, excessive sweat is wicked away, rather than binding with the fabric. Advanced weaving technique allow air to flow, exchange and further help vaporization of moisture, keeping it dry and cool "down there".

Restricted Movement: Choose panty with supreme stretching capacity
Yoga is about stretching at its core. It is very important to wear panty that adaptively stretches following your next Yoga poses. Stretching range of a panty is strongly determined by its Spandex (also known as Lycra) content. The rule of thumb is the higher its Spandex composition (above 25%) the higher the stretching range.

Wedgies: Choose the right cutting that sits and hugs your bums
The "right" cutting to avoid wedgies depends on your bums shape. It is advisable to try on different cuttings, especially HIPSTER or BOYSHORT (two cuttings with widest bum coverage), to find the one that best suits you.

Now that you know the basics of choosing the right panty for Yoga, you can make a wise choice for what to wear behind your Yoga leggings. Bianca Panty is one of those brands has all the features mentioned above. Don't be deterred TO ORDER and try BIANCA before your next Yoga session. With BIANCA, FEEL AT EASE!

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