3D FabriTech Strip

FabriTech Strip is German Pantented Innovation in Garment industry. The strip is printed on fabric surfaces by successively adding layers of fabric material, resembling how a 3D printer works. Hence, the name 3D FabriTech Strip.

FabriTech Strip in sport-wears
FabriTech Strip has seen pioneering uses in future performance sport-wears. The strip provides grip, extra support, and hold shapes utilizing its exceptional elasticity. The strip is designed to bond strongly with base fabric, minimizing delamination.

Bianca with FabriTech Strip
In Bianca Panty, the intricate 3D printing results in the iconic strip with Bianca logo cutout along waist opening. The strips are also applied on leg openings pair.
The strips provide grip along the opening edges, holding the panty firm in position, gently on skin. The strip also impede curl, wear off and wrinkles due to repeated wash.

Additionally, FabriTech Strip also imparts extra elasticity to hinder the edges from becoming loose. The elasticity also adapt accordingly to change of body size, maintaining perfect fit whether you gain or lose weight.

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