(more) Eco-Friendly Panty

Modern fashion industry is notoriously bad for the environment, espically intensified with the rise of fast fashion. Fast fashion brands follows ever changing trends, and impulsive consumer behaviour. Fast fashion items also rely on cheap, inferior quality materials to keep cost low and more importantly, encourage product wearing off, thus create the need for replacement - more profit.
The two major environment consequences of fast fashion are fabric waste and excessive disposable packaging.

Fabric Waste
Choose panties by considering its durability, comfort and functionality with basic color selections, rather than lavish aesthetic features, short term trend, colorful prints and accesories. Choosing base on durability, comfort and functionality will ensure the panties stay fit for extended period, requires less replacement, thus reduces waste.

Disposible Packaging
Avoid buying products that are obsessively presented in multiple disposable packaging, merely for the purpose of giving impression of luxury and superior quality. These products are usually wrapped in layers of paper, sealed with stickers, sitting inside colorful box, tied with colorful ribbons.

Eco Conscious Bianca
Bianca selects quality durable fabric with sufficient thickness to survive rugged repeated washes. Bianca Panties come in comfortable design and cuttings with two essential colors, Black and Nude. The panties are timeless in design, almost immune to change of trend. So, you can keep the panties for longer. This also means that rather than having to buy new panties, you can save your money for your next summer holiday trip!

Furthermore, instead of disposable packaging, Bianca Panty is kept inside resubale zip bag. The bag can be reused conveniently to store your panty, small accessories or makeup items. Very practical to take on-the-go.

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